What She Was Taught

Have you ever wondered if teaching children leaves a lasting impact? Maybe you resonate with the teacher who said, “You teach kids the Gospel and you don’t always see them respond. Sometimes they grow up, get into gangs, and even wind up in jail. But then, God-willing, they will remember what they were taught.” We all know children who do not seem to remember what they were taught. One school where we hold a Good News had a fight break out between two young girls.  It took several Administrators and a Good News Club teacher to pull one of the students off the other girl.  The enraged girl went to explain her side of the story. When she was done, the Good News Club teacher began to talk to the young girl about the Biblical application and explained that in situations that provoke you to want to fight, perhaps handling it differently would bring a different result. The girl was so angry she didn’t want to hear anything the teacher had to say.  The Good News Club teacher shared with the girl about how God loves her and wants the best for her, but the girl in her fit of anger could not hear; she only wanted to get her revenge. As the Good News Club teacher sat in the office, where the girl also sat waiting for disciplinary action, the teacher felt eyes peering at her. She turned and looked up to see the young girl angrily staring at her. The Good News Club teacher got out of her seat, went over to the young girl, and gave her a big hug. The girl began to cry out and say, “I am sorry, I am sorry, forgive me.” Because of the words she was taught, and the actions she was shown, this girl learned something that day. What will next week, next month, or next year bring for this girl? I don’t know, but God does. We pray she, and millions like her across Chicago will always remember what they were taught about Jesus.