Spiritual Warfare


During summer ministry with CYIA (Christian Youth in Action, a two-week intensive training to teach 5-Day Clubs), 5-Day Clubs, and teams going to other areas or countries, it is easy to lose sight of the spiritual battle being waged behind the scenes. This year has been incredibly hard for our Chicago CEF team. We have had tangible spiritual attacks in the form of death, discouragement, danger, and discord in our midst. However, the attack is not limited to the full-time missionaries of Chicago CEF. I received a phone call yesterday from a man who has been instrumental in setting up 5-Day Clubs within his church. He has encountered incredible resistance from our enemy. “It is so bad, I want to quit every other day just so it will stop,” he said.  However, he is refusing to give up. He understands the importance of the battle in which we are engaged; the battle for children’s souls. Just like in any battle, everyone plays a different role. Some, like our club host families and CYIAers, are on the front line engaging the enemy forces. Others, like you perhaps, provide essential support through your prayers and financial support. Over the next couple of weeks, I implore you to be spending more time in prayer for those on the front line. Many children in 5-Day Clubs have great barriers to receiving the Gospel, and your prayers are often the means that God uses to remove the barriers and open their hearts to the Gospel. In one club this past week 7 children professed faith in Christ for the first time! Thank you for being an active part of this Spiritual battle. Let us rejoice together that while the battle rages, the war has already been won!

Would you be willing to pray and fight this battle with us?

* Please pray that children’s hearts would be open to the Gospel

* Please pray that the children of Chicago and the teams teaching them would be safe

* Please pray against the many spiritual attacks that the enemy would send to those      on the front lines

* Please pray that CEF would bring God glory in all we do

* Please pray for travel safety this summer