The City that Prays Together

God is moving in the Village of Maywood. The current Mayor of Maywood is a strong Christian woman, and today she called the village together to pray. She instructed the police to block off the street in front of her office, put up a podium with a microphone in the middle of the street and invited clergy and ministry leaders to step to the podium and pray. Ministry leaders and even the local state representative were there. About ten people prayed publicly, and amongst them were our director, Jonathan King, and another of our missionary staff. Maywood’s slogan is the “Village of Eternal Light.” However, the last fifty years have not been good to this near-western suburb of Chicago. It is plagued by violence in the form of shootings, educational challenges, high taxes, little economic growth, lots of empty lots and buildings, and foreclosures abounding. Do these problems need answers? Absolutely. However, God has called CEF to primarily look after the spiritual needs of children in the midst of these hard things. For these reasons and others, Chicago CEF has decided to locate our new Housing Urban ministry Building (HUB) in the heart of Maywood. Would you join us, Mayor Perkins, and the Christians in Maywood in prayer for this village in need? As you pray, would you ask God to provide financially for the HUB and the costs associated with its startup? Thank you!