Exciting News

God I believe in youThursday at a Good News Club in a Chicago Public school, a boy named Daniel came with some exciting news: he had lost a tooth. He left club with some even more exciting news. Another boy, Jude, is a very intelligent child, and learned something this Thursday that blew his mind. I was teaching the Bible lesson, talking to the kids about how God created the world and what God’s creation reveals about Him. A hand in the back went up. It was Jude, and he had a question for me. “Did God create sand?” “Yes,” I told him. “And the water in the oceans?” “Yes, He did.” Jude seemed surprised and impressed, but also a little confused. “What did He make it out of? Dirt?” I explained, “No, He made it out of nothing.” Young Jude’s eyes were wide, amazed that God is so powerful. At the end of the lesson, I gave an invitation that kids could come back and talk to me if they wanted to know how to believe in Jesus as their savior. Two boys came back, and one of them was Daniel. After going through the gospel with them again and making sure they understood it, the other boy said he had previously put his faith in Christ. Daniel, on the other hand, told me that he had never believed before because he had never been sure if Jesus was real. “Are you sure now?” I asked him. “Yes,” he nodded, “I’m sure.” “Would you like to tell God that now?” “Yes,” he told me. We bowed our heads and he prayed, “God I believe in you. I love you. I believe in Jesus, and I love you both so much!” How precious is it that this boy who had never before been sure about Jesus was finally sure?

><> Rose Kirby

Chicago Child Evangelism Fellowship