CYIA Training

What is it and what will I learn?

CYIA is an awesome, eleven-day opportunity to grow closer to Jesus Christ and to fulfill the Great Commission by learning how to teach and conduct a 5-Day Club! 5-Day Clubs are ninety minute clubs where boys and girls are told the gospel and also how they can live victorious lives for Him. After training, you will know everything necessary to teach one of them!

At CYIA Training, You will learn how to teach evangelistic Bible lessons, how to teach children how to memorize Scriptures in a super fun way, how to tell breath-taking missionary stories, and much, much more! (Don’t forget the songs!!!) Even more, through our discipleship program, you will get to learn about our Lord and Savior and what it means to serve Him as a summer missionary and throughout your whole life!

When and where is it?

CYIA is being held at New Life Community Church of Portage Park at 5700 West Berteau Ave in Chicago, IL from June 20-June 30, 2017.

Who can attend?

Any born-again Christian, 13 years or older, that agrees with the CEF Statement of Faith can apply to the CYIA program! An application must be filled out, and it will be reviewed for acceptance. Please note that references are needed in the application process, and that the application should be received by June 1.

What is the cost?
The cost for the eleven days of training is $350—which includes all the meals and the 5-Day Club kit with all the training materials that you will need for a summer of missions! You don’t even need to bring your own air mattress, as one will be provided for you. It’s like camping indoors!

How do I apply?
You can apply online here

Do you have questions or concerns?
Call Ben and Karis Jorden at 708-446-8467, or email them at

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