Training is what CEF does best. For over 80 years, Chicago CEF has been equiping people in the Chicago area to reach children for Christ. We have training for teens and young adults know at CYIA. We have a college level courses called, TCE (Teachild Children Efffectively)  levels 1 and 2. We also teach customized training to meet the needs of your local church or teaching team. Our goal is to help you be equipped to reach children for Christ and teach them to follow Christ their whole lives. If you want

CYIA Training
We have a program for Christian teenagers who want to get to know God better as they serve the Lord by evangelizing to children! It is a great time of fellowship and ministry for all blessed to be involved. Go to For Teens or CYIA Training for more information!

Teaching Children Effectively-Level One
Teaching Children Effectively—Level 1 (TCE 1) is an educational course that trains jonathanindividuals how to, you guessed it, teach children more effectively. The TCE 1 classes are held on an as need/interest basis, so if you want to know in much greater detail how to
minister to children effectively, click this link and register to take classes from Sep 15-Dec 15 on Monday nights this semester! The cost is $100. We hope to see you there!


Throughout the year, CEF of Chicago periodically holds various workshops to teach how to better communicate the gospel message to children. To find out the latest training information, please contact us!